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segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Calvin e Haroldo (Calvin and Hobbes) como jamais viram. Mais de 30 imagens/homenagens.

Arte por Edu Herrera: http://eduherrera.deviantart.com/

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3 comentários:

  1. Hello Franz,

    I like that you use one of my artistic work to submit on your blog, but you have not asked for permission, it would be nice you to put the names of the authors acada one of the images and a link to their artwork.

    If you have no intention of doing so, please I would appreciate if you eliminate my work of your blog.

    Here you can find my work and it´s link----> http://fav.me/d65scaa

    Thank you very much,
    Edu Herrera.

    1. Hello, Edu!.
      Sorry for the mistake in not cite sources, but the intention was to compile the best work available on the web (yours is among them).
      I launched your link, and please tell me if know any of the other artists.
      Always at your disposal.

    2. Congratulations for your work, Edu. If I have your permission, I'll divulgate other arts in my blog. Hugs and sucess, brother.